Wood chip production

We provide wood chipping services using portable wood chippers at a location suitable for the client.

Brushwood, logging waste as well as stumps and waste construction wood are a problem for many!

Thanks to wood as a valuable energy resource and constantly growing demand, SLG Energy is your best partner in wood chip production!

We buy for wood chip production:
  1. Stacked brushwood and logging waste
  2. Unstacked brushwood and logging waste
  3. Growing brushwood and waste undergrowth
  4. Wood production waste

We do:
  1. Undergrowth clearing
  2. Field edge clearing
  3. Logging waste and brushwood gathering
  4. We do alder wood guillotining
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Production Manager: Jan Peitre
E-mail: jan.peitre@slgenergy.ee
Telephone: +372 50 31 856