General Information

SLG Energy OÜ also has a waste permit for waste wood recycling, no. JÄ/333604

About Us

SLG Energy stores and produces wood chips. Our greatest value is our professional team whose knowledge and experience allow us to produce the maximum amount of energy from each square metre of wood chips. Established in 2004, SLG Energy OÜ is a company based on Estonian capital. Our goal is to be a reliable and long-time partner in the supply of wood chips, even in the most difficult of weather conditions. In our industry, security of supply is very important to ensure consistent production of heat and electric energy.

Marten Meiel
+372 52 28 844
Jan Peitre
Production manager
+372 50 31 856
Margus Seiger
Workshop manager
+372 5919 2939
Janar Eelmaa
+372 51 52 292
Ranno Tasane
+372 51 68 808
Toomas Tõnisson