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Wood chips

Both brushwood, logging waste as well as stumps, also wooden construction waste is a problem for many. How to guarantee nice views, clean forest or where to take the construction waste? Thanks to wood chips as the valuable heating material and increasing demand, different wood waste can be easily disposed. The companies dealing with wood chips have both mobile wood chippers and required transport means to make the whole process as fast and easy as possible.

The wood chippers can produce up to 250 cubic meters of wood chips in an hour and the only precondition is that the wood material to be chipped would be stored on the ground which can be accessed with heavy trucks, enabling these also to manoeuvre. Different storage areas are suitable, at the same time brushwood or logging waste should be delivered and stored near some bigger road.

The quantity of wood chips is measured on the basis of the final production, the minimum quantity of chipping is 90 m3 which makes one truck load of wood chips. In case of wood used for energy production its cleanliness is very important – plastic, metal, glass, soil, stones and other additions considerably decrease the quality of final production and can damage the wood chipper.

The final buying-in price of wood chips is created, besides abovementioned factors, depending on the transport, i.e. the distance of  chipping site from the storage area or boilerhouse and processing conditions and the resulting time expense at the site of chipping. For more detailed price offer, please contact the representative of SLG Energy OÜ.

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