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We provide wood chipping service with mobile wood chippers in the location suitable for the client. The chippers are suitable for chipping round stock, guillotine brushwood, logging waste, waste wood and stumps. This is an eco-friendly technology, the product of which is excellent for heating of bigger and smaller boilerhouses as well as for the combined plants.

Janar Eelmaa
+372 51 52 292

Andres Urbas
+372 52 36 807

In case of mobile chippers it is important that the raw material would be clean and would not include metal, concrete, glass or other waste which could damage the quality of wood chips or chipper.

Besides chipping service, the transport of wood chips can be ordered from us.


Grain chippers

Jens HEM 582

Doppstadt DH 910

Hammer chippers

Doppstadt AK630/600 and Doppstadt DW3060/2560